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Shawl Knitting Pattern – How to Make an Elegant Shawl

It is perfect for chilly evenings and provides a unique glimmer to the most simple outfit.

You’ll need:

1. Around 560 yards of any medium fat glistening yarn
two. A pair of measurement eight US knitting needles ( you can also use a circular needle)
3. Yarn needle
4. Scissors
five. Ruler
6. Crochet hook


24 rows for every 4 inches and eighteen stitches in stockinette sew.


33 inches prolonged and 40 inches wide at the sure off edge

Let’s begin!

one. Commence by casting on 3 stitches.

two. Purl row one, knit row two. Boost by knitting into the front and back of the 1st and last stitch.

three. Purl the next row. Proceed performing this – operating straight on purl rows and escalating the knit row until finally the undertaking is about 40 inches extensive.

four. Bind off, cut the yarn and ultimately, weave in ends.

5. By now, you should have an extra ball of yarn left.

six. Cut the left more than yarn into 6 inch items. Use this to generate a fringe on the sides of the piece.

Finishing Tip: you can maintain two pieces with each other by utilizing a crochet hook. This is useful for looping all the parts by way of the task, equivalent to producing tassels. Tassels are a great addition to scarves, house decor things, belts or anything else that requirements a unique twist.

This scarf knitting sample is triangular, basic and makes use of yarn overs. The basic form is simple to work and the truth that it employs yarn overs adds even a lot more fascination to the beautiful yarn. You can choose to make it making use of a wonderful skein or some hand dyed yarn for a great, creative influence. When you use a beautiful yarn, utilizing a basic knitting layout like the one particular I’m about to give is at times greatest.

For this project, I advise employing a one skein. However, if you don’t have a large skein offered it can also be a fantastic project for a special yarn that you don’t know how to use.

You’ll need to have:

1. Approximately 550 yards of wool blend yarn, gentle fat wool or any yarn of your option.
2. A established of dimension 6 US round knitting needles
3. Yarn needle and scissors
four. 2 pieces stitch markers


27 rows for every four stitches and twenty stitches in stockinette sew.


The conclude merchandise is 31 inches long at the center and 57 inches wide at the best.

Let us commence!

1. Begin by casting on three stitches.

2. Knit one, yarn over (a fantastic way to improve stitches), area marker, knit one, spot marker, yarn above, knit one.

3. Knit two, yarn above, slip marker, knit one, slip marker, yarn above, knit two.

4. For the following row: knit about three, purl 1, knit about three.

5. Keep on growing each aspect of the center stitch on the proper whilst retaining the first and final 3 stitches in garter stitch on each and every side, until this sort of time you have around 150 stitches on the needle.

There are also pins for shawls that are manufactured of other materials with some integrating 2012 dantel modelleri a host of other elements in the design.